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Zagroda Polska

This is a service about active relax and adventure in a close relationship with horses and nature in Poland. Poland is well situated in Europe and has a rich history that causes that our touristic horse ridings is a great opportunity to learn about Polish history. During our horse riding we have an opportunity to broaden our knowledge about myths and legends of the Knight State Prusy and the Netherlands' settlers. We also go through Kaszuby, Warmia and Mazury that have a rich culture. Their folklore and hospitality can be seen everywhere during our horse ridings. 'Zagroda Polska' serves traditional and delicious meals. Our touristic horse ridings are easy and pleasurable but sometimes tears can roll down our cheecks. I can still remember Nora's curses and Stefania's cries at the end of our trip. I also remember the moment when we had to say goodbye to all the companions and horses. It was very moving and touching. On the other hand I was happy that I had made something unusual that made people feel happy and relaxed.
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