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This horse-ride can be recommended for everyone who for at least a year can ride a horse and can make a tour, without some extra effort, along the Drwęca and Wel River. Moreover, if you like history and you want to broad your knowledge and familiarize with the old Polish-Prussian border, castles and also early medieval mansions you are welcome.

All this can be found during the ride accompanied by great nature.

1st day
participants' meeting at 11 a.m. at the main railway station in Toruń, visiting the Old Town and the Teutonic Castle, a drive to Kaszczorek- the starting point of the tour, making acquaintance with the horses, meal, visiting a gothic church in Kaszczorek, horse-riding to the ruins of the castle in Złotoria near the Vistula River, supper and accommodation in Toruń

2nd day
breakfast, morning jobs with the horses, horse-riding along the Drwęca River towards the Castle in Golub-Dobrzyń, visiting a mansion in Jedwabno, horse-baiting in Okonin, supper and accommodation in the castle in Golub-Dobrzyń, night-watches with the horses

3rd day
breakfast, morning jobs with the horses, visiting Anna Wazówna’s Castle, horse riding towards Szafarnia (the old manor-house where our young composer F. Chopin used to live) visiting Chopin’s Culture Centre, a ride towards Brodnica, supper and accommodation in a touristic ranch in the country near Brodnica, night -watches with the horses

4th day
breakfast, morning jobs with the horses, horse riding towards Górzno-Lidzbark Scenery Park, arriving at Górzno, taking lodgings in a touristic ranch, visiting exhibitions of fauna and flora in the Centre of Ecological Education, evening with a bonefire, supper and accommodation, night- watch with the horses

5th day
breakfast, morning jobs with the horses, a Horse Day- during this day we try to take care of our horses, our riding equipment, our “bones” and some other soft parts of the body, opportunity of a bath in a lake, leisure time for us and our horses, supper and accommodation, night- watch with the horses

6th day
breakfast, morning jobs with the horses, horse-riding through the Scenery Park and along the Wel River towards Dąbrówno Lake- there are small castle ruins, an evangelic church with the pulpit in the centre of the altar, the Finck von Finckenstein family was the owner of these lands, supper and accommodation in Dąbrówno, night -watch with the horses

7th day
breakfast, morning jobs with the horses, horse-riding towards Grunwald- the place where one of the greatest medieval battles took place, visiting Grunwald Battle Museum, farewell gallop, come back to Dąbrówno for a supper and accommodation, night -watch with the horses

8th day
breakfast, transfer to Toruń, the end of the horse -riding tour

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Price - 670 Euro/Person
term 31.04.2011 - 7.05.2011 register here

price includes:
- fully equipped horse for the time of the ride,
- insurance,
- accommodation and maintenance according to the schedule- 2 meals a day,
- transfer,
- horse guide

price does not include:
- beverages for meals,
- extra charge for a single room 150 Euro,

In a case of a 6 horsemen group we can set a date.

MEETING POINT - Toruń, the main railway station
NUMBER OF THE PARTICIPANTS - max. 8 persons (horsemen)
DAILY TIME SPENT IN A SADDLE - 5-6 hours a day
HORSE RACE local races
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