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About Us

The idea of "Zagroda Polska" came to my mind in 2002. I wanted to create it, because I love horses and I wanted to free my soul and free myself from certain stiff frames of proceedings. It was my fantasy! I have been riding a horse since I was 7 but I have never been a professional rider. I'm trying to learn more about hoses and horse ridings . I'm open to new adventures and experience.

My first riding tour

My daughter Bogna

When I was holding a travel agency I was organizing horse riding competitions in jumping over the obstacles. I was the chairman of a horse riding club and I was also a co- author of a scouts' team.

The second main element of creating this service were my connections with tourism for over 30 years.I have also a friend who prefers an active form of entertainment and likes horse ridings. The important element in this case is also a fact that I am the proud owner of two horses: Harpar and Mewa that are cleverer than me so I have an opportunity to learn a lot form them.
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